The Program for Hermeneutics & Cultural Studies

Dreaming about wild academic freedom? We take the concept of “culture” in the broadest way possible, beyond “the arts” towards the entire of human activities including language, institutional activity, and the wide range of human practices and behaviors. Instead of limiting ourselves to a narrow disciplinary perspective, we study, interpret, and investigate varied cultural phenomena while combining as many and as diverse and many as possible form of thought and interpretation.

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Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies
Love studying too many things at once? Fields you learned intensively felt too narrow? Lacking faith in artificial barriers between disciplines? Need tools to understand your immediate surrounds? You probably want to hear more about the Program for Hermeneutics and…
Academic Staff
Research: Post-Kantian European philosophy, Phenomenology, Existentialism, German Idealism, Hermeneutics, History of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, Modern…