Psychoanalysis and Hermeneutics Track

The 19 weekly hours required for each year in the Psychoanalysis and Hermeneutics track can be broken down as follows:

Required Courses:

1.      Introduction to Critical Theory (2 hour class)

2.      Theories of Culture: Sociological and Anthropological Aspects (2 hour class)

3.      Hermeneutics (2 hour class)

4.      Hermeneutics and Post-Modernism: Psychoanalytical Aspects (2 hour class)

5.      Selfhood, Identity, Culture (2 hour class/seminar)

6.      Discourse Analysis  (3 hour class and tutorial)

Additional Requirements:             

1.      In addition to the required courses, students will select three more courses offered in the program. Electives can be chosen from other departments or other universities, according to the student’s research interests, as long as the courses are at the graduate level. This selection must be approved by the head of the program or track, and the proper administrative procedure must be followed through the office.

2.      In one of these three courses the student will be required to attend class but will be exempt from coursework.

3.      Students must attend the colloquium each year for the program’s duration.

4.      One of the three elective courses must be a seminar in which a seminar paper is submitted.