Masters and PhD Program

This track is designed for those who earned their BA with honors and who display an ability for multidisciplinary and horizon-expanding studies. The track is open exclusively to graduate studies under the assumption that interdisciplinary study will be meaningful and effective only for students who have already focused on one or two disciplines during their undergraduate studies; the acquired thinking and knowledge in one field is an important basis for interdisciplinary activity.

Students interested in doctoral training will conduct their studies in the framework of the integrated track towards an MA-PhD. Registration is for MA studies only; after two years of study, those students interested in doctoral studies will submit a PhD proposal, thus becoming doctoral students. The integrated track takes six years: two for the MA and four for the PhD.

The MA program is made up of 25 annual hours of required and elective coursework. In addition, all students are obligated to participate in a department seminar. The heavy course load reflects the fact that interdisciplinary studies demand a broad distribution of courses covering a range of topics.

Doctoral students must complete three courses in addition to participating in a colloquium and in the workshop for doctoral candidates. Graduates of a research track MA program in psychology, psychiatry or social work are eligible for a special track in Psychoanalysis and Hermeneutics. This five-year track comprises an annual 19 weekly hours of required and elective courses and seminars.