The Israeli Forum for Phenomenology

Phenomenology is one of the richest and most developed modern philosophical traditions. From its inception, at the beginning of the twentieth century, phenomenology had a far-reaching influence on different, and even opposed, branches of Western philosophy. Nevertheless, phenomenology is not only a philosophical method taught and researched in philosophy departments, but a potent scientific method as well. Phenomenology can serve an inter-disciplinary methodological tool applicable to wide range of disciplines whose interests involve deciphering and understanding human experience. 

            The Israeli Forum for Phenomenological Studies was established in 2022 as an abode for researchers who consider Phenomenology their tool and method for the analyses of human phenomena. The Forum will promote the consolidation of a local diverse research community, in the spirit of the tradition of phenomenology, which perceives the philosophical inquiry as a collaborative vibrant activity. The Forum will promote fruitful collaborations between young and senior researches from various disciplines of the human sciences, and between them and researchers of the exact sciences, as well as promoting collaborative projects with similar centers around the world.

            Among the Forum’s planned activities: organizing conferences, national and international seminars; creating a platform for the publishing of phenomenological studies in Hebrew; creating an on-line phenomenological community, whose members will share research materials, and will discuss current issues from a phenomenological perspective; holding international summer schools in phenomenology, and more.